The Letter Bet

"NY" by Andrea Wilkin

Montreal-based artist Andrea Wilkin will be putting her first fine art print of her oil-on-canvas painting “NY” up for sale at The Letter Bet on Friday.

At almost full scale, this 33 x 24 in. 1/1 limited edition piece is printed on high-quality fine art paper using a process that captures the pigments of its vibrant palette and faithfully reproduces the textures of the canvas and brush strokes.

This piece is inspired by a film photograph of a New York City night, taken by the artist herself, which she translated into a painting to give dimension and life to the image. To date, “NY” has been exhibited twice—at Wilkin’s first solo show and, subsequently, a group show in Montreal. It can also be found in the pages of Issue #65 of Tokyo-based FLJ magazine and the LA-based magazine Ideas.

A percentage of the profits will be donated to a local Montreal organization, Expression Lasalle which is a community mental health centre that offers free art therapy to those from 18-65 years old. The centre’s creative approach to art therapy covers a range of issues from sexual abuse, physcological and/or emotional well being to encourage self expression.