The Letter Bet

"If I find myself there again" by Jalil

"If I find myself there again"

Jalil is a Toronto-based artist with a background in photography. He has spent the last decade collecting ephemera and has compiled them into his more recent scan work. 

“If I find myself there again” is a piece where Jalil aimed to explore the relationship between the non-natural and natural objects within the piece. This exploration created a flow throughout the layering process. Jalil states “It is also a reflection of my time in Montreal and the relationships I’ve garnered and the experiences I had there. I often enjoy making a new piece for each project, so when The Letter Bet reached out to have me included in their print series, I used it as an opportunity to dig through the items I had collected and relive some of my experiences and reflect on them.” 

The 16x20 prints are produced on 100 % cotton, non bleached, 300gm paper. The texture of the paper itself heightens Jalil’s recurring use of scrunched and weathered paper in the scan.

TLB would like to donate a percentage of our profits to @cf___to ( Community Fridges Toronto) <3