The Letter Bet

Afternoon Delight by Ian Clelland

" I had done this painting a couple years back and I always wanted the right person to have it. With all thats going on right now I realized that it’s the time to sell to my favorite piece that I’ve painted up to date... for the right cause & This moment is now, I would like to make myself vulnerable and put my most intimate expression up for auction to the highest bidder and all proceeds would be given to @destabyn an organization that’s helps POC to help youth reach their goals . Ive always respected what @theletterbet has done for the communities that surround it and it just seems right "


  • Dimensions : 4' x 5' 
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Painted in 2017

Buy out price is 1,500.00 CAD.

Bid starts at 400$