We are now accepting proposals for the 2017 - 2018 exhibition roster. We are looking for original contemporary artworks of varying mediums.

How to be considered
In order to be considered, applicants will need to propose an exhibition of previously un exhibited bodies of work.  The Letter bet welcomes a variety of mediums including photography, printed matter, painting, installations and ceramics. Our exhibitions are community minded, we seek to foster artist’s creativity and help them to feed the visual and conceptual curiosity of others. 

Who should apply
Both established and Emerging artists are welcome to apply. We do not exhibit or stock represented artists. We support practitioners of any background, age, gender, culture and ability.

Let us know...
Are you represented ?
Have you exhibited before, if so let us know where and send us a link (if in your CV that is fine too)

We have a fee for exhibiting of 400$, this is to be paid half up front and half can be paid at the end of the show to cover the set up of the show including:

  • 1 week exhibition in the space. 
  • Vinyl Cut Out
  • Email of press release to our mailing list of art industry professionals and the public
  • Opening night with refreshments
  • Gallery staff for entire exhibition including opening night.
  • Letter Bet asks for 25% commission on artworks sold.
  • Assistance for install and deinstall of the exhibition on request. 
  • Show Merchandising available upon request.

    * If this cost is too much for you apply anyway - and let us know your situation! We are also open to to artists working together if you want to lower your costs too. 


Please apply via our online form >>

Applications open now until June 2018.