FORGET ME NOT by Scott Pilgrim

Like most good relationships they start off getting to know one another over a extended period of time, and then before you know it you're producing 17 foot light boxes off the main street in downtown Montreal together.
 All jokes aside, that is legitimately how this collaboration with Scott has come about over the last 10 years and as you can see we are in LOVE.  
This is just the beginning of what we have in store for the future  with Scott, including the release of his new book concept next month.
    FORGET ME NOT will be on display at the corner of St Laurent + Ave Des Pins Ouest until November 30th, lit every evening from sunset to 12AM EST.
I originally started working with large format grid prints in 2009 as a means of cutting costs. 

          With this new piece FORGET ME NOT, I've applied the technique to an existing grid transforming the windows of my studio into a giant light box. 
          This application is meant to represent a step beyond content-driven photography and into researching new and unique outlets for displaying or contextualizing photographs in a physical space. 
          Future concepts will aim to experiment with the relationship between the audience and the printed image, the physicality of a printed image either big or small, and it's interaction with other objects in the environment. 
‘ Scott Pilgrim.’
Size: 17 x 7 ft.
Location: St Laurent + Ave Des Pins, Montreal QC
Materials: Lightbox Paper, Two-sided Tape

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