“Chicken or the Egg” & “Serenity Now” by Kyle Berger

“Chicken or the Egg?” & “Serenity Now” are limited 18x24 inch prints on satin wide format paper, available at The Letter Bet online store. 

The TLB specialty print program is about working closely with like minded artists to create prints that can be purchased online by our community.

Kyle Berger is a photographer born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, now residing in Toronto, Ontario. The many folds of his documentation continue to challenge reality and consistently draw the viewer through its vibrant depiction of subject matter.

TLB: What is your basic process? 

KB: For taking the images, it’s a mixture of aimless wandering, capturing any old thing that peaks my interest. I upload them to my hard-drive and forget about them for as long as possible. I try to comb through older images on a daily basis, as every day I feel something different and will notice something different. I’ll then add or remove elements to heighten the narrative. The goal is to use basic collage and documentary style photo practice combined together to create images that are barely believable. 

TLB: How have your past and present surroundings influenced your work? 

KB: I would say past surroundings have been ingrained into how I view the world around me. I grew up in a cookie-cutter lower/middle class suburban neighbourhood in Calgary, AB. The street I was raised on is steps away from multiple strip malls, my high-school pretty much shares a parking lot with a Wal-Mart. The influence of fast food chains, big box stores and their effect on small communities will forever be the impetus of my work. 

TLB: How has your work evolved over the years? 

KB: I am hoping if anything the scope of the narratives have been growing. I started with interest in tabletop still life imagery, and I think the narratives and scale of the images in question has been growing. I am growing more and more comfortable immersing myself in site specific work and building work rooted in a research based methodology. 

TLB: What other mediums have you explored with your work? 

KB: Recently I have been very interested in how to visually present my work. Employing various framing elements and printing techniques to reflect the narrative of the imagery, or just to boost the work's visual appeal. I have other small sculptural elements that I have been exploring, re-creating iconic western symbols and insignia. Sculpture is something I want to employ more and more as my work develops. 

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