Hugo & Mick talk OK LÀ

OK LÀ is a zine including the work of Laurie Bédard, Étienne Chartrand, Jean-Paul Daoust, Julie Doucet, Alex Zhang Hungtai, André Montpetit, Robert Nelson, Diane Obomsawin, Akena Okoko and Spoiler.



MORT is a multidisciplinary artist and his practice extends beyond the two-dimensional canvas. By combining drawing, painting and woodworking, his visual constructions oscillate between figuration and abstraction.


Charmant et Courtois Presents: Baltimore Loth et Arthur Michaud

Baltimore Loth and Arthur Michaud are Fine Arts students at Concordia University. This is the second show born from their collaboration. For them, creativity is the very goal of their work: they aim to forever reinvent themselves and explore new ideas. Their show will be a mix of blue ink abstract drawings and ceramics.



We are accepting applications for our 2018 exhibition schedule until June 1st, 2018. 

The Letter Bet welcomes exhibition proposals from artists working in any medium and at all stages of their careers. We are dedicated to cultural diversity in our programming and encourage applications from artists of any backgrounds and communities. We seek to foster artist’s creativity and help them to feed the visual and conceptual curiosity of others. 

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Notre Époque by Le Pigeon

LePigeon is a Montreal-based photographer. He’s best known for his monochromatic shots, which reveal a certain vulnerability and sensuality. Recently, he felt the need to revisit his photography by exploring the duality between the image and the object.

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